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Thursday, June 02, 2005

Our bathroom

Am I on a roll or what? Two posts in the same month! What can I say - Alison, you've inspired me! I thought I'd share some thoughts on our bathroom. I have to confess that I can't remember much about it, so I must be blocking how totally dirty it usually was, because, once again, I can't remember spending much time CLEANING it. I do remember that we had three girls in there (me, Sherry, and Karleen) and that it was a slow drain, and you ended up standing in about three or four inches of water when your shower was over. Not good. Of course, we had low standards, so we didn't try and fix this. Not until my mom came for a visit, and was horrified that we didn't do a little investigating in the shower drain. You see, Karleen and I had long hair (Sherry, did you have long hair then? I can't remember. I'm thinking shoulder length - is that right?) and we didn't have any fancy drain hair catcher thing. We didn't shop at Home Depot back then. Anyway, my mom gets a wire hanger, bends that thing out, and pulls out several large balls of hair. You know the kind - they looked like a family of drowned rats. Very gross. I remember thinking I hoped the last few months of college would go very slowly, because adulthood was not looking very promising. Having to clean that stuff out of my drain myself? Not promising at all.


At June 2, 2005 at 10:13 PM, Blogger Sherry C said...

Ugh. I remember the hair in the shower. I think most of it came from Karleeny-Beeny. My hair was chopped just at the chin then, I think.

At June 3, 2005 at 8:59 PM, Blogger alison said...

If you were engaged it was chin length. I remember from your engagement pictures. Don't know where my cell phone is but I know your hair style from 1992.

Five, count them 5 gold stars for Sheila.

I would like to hear more about your knife wielding, affectionate (but not boyfriend stealing) roommate. Just a request.

At June 23, 2005 at 11:11 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yes - it was probably due much in part to the big-ole mop of hair on my head. It plagues me to this day.

But clean the drain myself? What, are you kidding? That's why I got married.



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