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Thursday, October 14, 2004

Imaginary Friends

We played lots of games together, and none was more entertaining than making up friends. My favorite batch came from a crush most of us had (ok, most of the girls in our COLLEGE had) on a certain cute basketball player. Of course, none of us really wanted to date this guy, and none of us really had a chance to date him, but never you mind. We didn't waste time being sad - we wasted time making up names of the unfortunate children he would probably sire. See, his last name was Coffin. (pause for effect) So, we came up with the twins, Wheezin Ann and Sneezin Ann. And younger sister Hackin Ann. Then there were the exotic Red Velvet, the sensible Pine Box. Cruel? Maybe. But funny. And it got us out of studying :) We also made up names for our neighbor's family. His name was Cliff, and he was real. I'll let Sherry tell you about the Hanger family (we made up his last name!).