The Green Fan

One apartment. Five roommates. Countless stories.

Thursday, May 11, 2006

New Post Ideas

Yes, we have neglected this blog badly. Sorry, fans. (Get it?) So in an effort to save The Green Fan, this is a post dedicated to ideas for more posts.

~ Letters from Sheila (ooh, is that too scary? I don't remember what I wrote!)
~ Pictures from the scary apartment
~ K - do you want to join our list? Let me know! Then you can add stuff too.
~ Engagement stories
~ Wedding planning stories
~ More about Lois (ahh, the legendary Lois!)
~ People who visited us in the scary apartment
~ The Bathroom of Despair
~ Tips for Cheap Eating
~ Top Ten Things: Tuna! (isn't it the cheapest protein you can buy?)
~ Mary Beth's Bread Machine
~ Suggestions to Poor College Girls Who Decide to Live Together

Ok, I'm out. Comments, people! More ideas! Save the fan!